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Bio Briefs

Gregory P. M. Neidert, Ph.D.

Gregory Neidert

Corporate President
In 1978, Dr. Neidert began working for World of Work, Inc. as a career counselor. In 1988, he was appointed its third president. World of Work, Inc. is a psychological testing organization with expanding national and international sales. Its focus is on providing quality multidimensional career/vocational assessment to enhance person-job fit and increase job satisfaction, performance and productivity.

Organizational Consultant
As an organizational consultant his focus is on helping management and employees shape a working culture which can respond to changes both internal and external. His research focuses on averting organizational and social traps through the use of large scale social psychological interventions.

Career Counselor
In his capacity as a career counselor, Dr. Neidert has helped over 6,000 clients in private consultation, seminar, and workshop settings. His focus is on comprehensive career/life planning with an emphasis on achieving a positive person-job fit.

In 1978, Dr. Gregory Neidert began his careers in teaching, career counseling, and consulting. As a member of the Psychology Department faculty at Arizona State University, he has won several teaching awards. In addition, he has taught a variety of classes ranging from Social Psychology, Personality Theory, Human Sexual Behavior, Interpersonal Influence, to Organizational and Industrial Psychology.

Clinical Psychologist/Career Consultant
Since receiving his Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1989 from Arizona State University, Dr. Overby has worked in a variety of clinical settings. He has had significant clinical experience in both assessment and counseling settings, and has served as a trainer and supervisor of doctoral students in psychology. He also has had significant administrative experience, including serving for three years as the Director of the Clinical Psychology Center at the Pacific Graduate School in Palo Alto, California. Since 1998, Dr. Overby has focused his practice on organizational consulting and executive coaching, and has worked closely with Dr. Neidert in using the World of Work Inventory with his clients. Dr. Overby currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works as a trainer and consultant.

Since 1987, Dr. Overby has worked as an educator at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has served as a full-time faculty member in the psychology and counseling departments at Texas Tech University, the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, and Valdosta State University. He has published several articles in the areas of clinical research and theory, and has presented his work at national professional conventions. Dr. Overby‘s teaching experience is wide-ranging, but has been concentrated in the areas of interpersonal influence, personality theory, clinical interviewing, psychotherapy and psychopathology. Dr. Overby received the Uni Anholt award for the most outstanding faculty contribution at the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.

Lawrence A. (Rusty) Overby, Ph.D.

Rusty Overby

Chris Cobian

Chris Cobian

Christopher Cobian is a full time Faculty and Coordinator of Career Services at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College. He has taught a variety of courses including Career Transition, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Counseling, and Developmental Psychology. As the Coordinator of Career Services he oversees the career development of over 5,000 students by integrating career readiness programming and career services events in the curriculum of many of Blue Ridge CTC programs. He holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland, and a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Family Studies from Messiah College. Prior to working at Blue Ridge CTC, Chris was a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at the WV Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services. He is most proud helping clients identify appropriate vocational goals and exceeding placement expectations by 30%.