Career Interest Activities (CIA) & Job Satisfaction Indicators (JSI)

Consider each activity as a regular part of your job for at least 6 months or more

Select LIKE if you think you would like to perform the activity as a regular part of your job.

Select NEUTRAL if sometimes you would like and other times you would dislike performing the activity as a part of your job. If you have trouble deciding whether you like or dislike an activity, select Neutral.

Select DISLIKE if you would not want to engage in the activity as a regular part of your job.

There are no right or wrong answers

This section measures preferences and your answer is the right answer for you.

Your first response is usually the best, however…

if you want to change your answer, use the link for “previous question” and not the back button.

Approximate time

WOWI is an untimed assessment and the estimated times are for planning purposes only. We recommend that you finish an entire section of the assessment before taking a break.

CIA: Most people take about 10-15 minutes to complete this section.

JSI: For best results give yourself 8-10 minutes without interruptions to complete this section.

Career Training Potentials

WOWI helps identify your strengths

There is no way to pass or fail this part of the WOWI, so don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all of the questions. The purpose of this section is to highlight your strengths and identify skills you may want to further develop.

When you don‘t know the answer

Some of these areas you may find challenging. Attempt to work quickly and make the best response to each item. If you have never been exposed to this information, and you don‘t know the answer, the best response is “I don‘t know.” Otherwise, if you think you might know, make an educated guess. Feel free to use a sheet of paper for any figuring you may want to do.

For the best results

When taking this section, please DO NOT use a dictionary, calculator, or any other reference materials. Accurately assessing what you do and do not know will help in planning your career and educational goals.

Just In Case You Get Interrupted

The WOWI will save your progress after you answer each question, so you don’t have worry about losing any of your work. When you get back to the WOWI, you’ll be able to start back up where you left off.

Organizing Skill 

Approximate time

This section consists of items and should take you about 30 - 40 minutes.