Career Training Potentials

6 aptitude-achievement areas

The Career Training Potentials section consists of 98 items. The items within have been spiraled and placed within the scales according to degree of difficulty. The Verbal and Numerical sections measure aptitude-achievement. The Abstraction and Spatial-Form section are aptitude oriented, while the Organizing Skills and Mechanical-Electrical are achievement oriented. The individual is asked to make their favored response of four choices given.


Ability to read and comprehend words. Predictor along with the numerical score of ability to do school work.

“One forgets words as one forgets names. One's vocabulary needs constant fertilizing or it will die.”

— Evelyn Waugh


Ability to manipulate the language of numbers. Indicates understanding and skill in performing basic mathematical functions.


Potential in the area of figuring out problems through a logical procedure. Ability to solve problems by means of size, position, shape or quantity without assistance from words or numbers.


Ability to visualize and think in three dimensions. Ability to formulate a finished product from seeing the visual plans. Potential to sense forms and positions of things in space.

Mechanical/ Electrical

Potential to construct, operate and repair machinery and understand physical forces. Also includes the influence of prior knowledge and understanding of electricity, electronics and electromagnetics.

Tell me dahling; have you ever programmed a VCR???

Organizing Skill

Potential to perceive and utilize language and numbers in a specified way. Ability to concentrate and perform sequential reasoning using alpha and numeric symbols.

Well, yes, my desk is messy — I’ve been told that it’s a sign of genius!