Career Interest Activities


The Career Interest Activities section consists of 136 items measuring 17 career areas. The person is asked to respond whether they like, dislike or are neutral to a job temperament indicator. This is force choice method. There are 17 homogeneous scales and the items from the scales have been placed through the use of a table of random numbers.

Definition of Scales

Career Interest Areas (CIAs) measure work-related interest areas.

Scale Description
Public Service Helping others by providing specialized information and services. Includes occupations in Medicine, Law, Education, Religion, Library Work, Counseling, the Social Sciences, etc.
The Sciences Applying research methods and statistics to solve theoretical and applied problems in the physical, life, and social sciences.
Engineering & Related Using the principles of engineering and physics for the design of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes, and services.
Business Relations Collecting, analyzing, advising, and making decisions based on a variety of data sources. Includes occupations in Accounting, Insurance, Finance, Purchasing, Personnel, Human Resources, etc.
Managerial Controlling, directing, and organizing the work of others in a wide range of settings. Requires knowledge of business principles, business operations and human behavior.
The Arts Integrating personal expression and art concepts, techniques, and processes to develop works which elicit an emotional or aesthetic response. Includes Acting, Sculpting, Painting, etc.
Clerical Compiling, recording, communicating, computing, copying, and otherwise organizing information for others.
Sales Interacting with and influencing others in favor of certain products, services, or ideas.
Service Helping individuals with their personal wants and needs. Includes occupations in Cosmetology, Day Care, Recreation, Hospitality, Food-and-Beverage Preparation and Service, etc.
Outdoor Working out-of-doors which may include contact with plant or animal life. Includes Fishing, Farming, Forestry, Agriculture, Aquaculture, Horticulture, etc.
Industrial Working with tools, equipment, materials, products, structures, structural parts, or operating machinery. Includes Mechanical, Electrical, Masonry, and Tool and Die Work, Carpentry, Plumbing, Mining, Drafting, Factory Work, etc.

Profile Report

Displays career interests in a graphical format.

Career Interest Activities