Success Stories

The quotes below are from people who use the WOWI® with their clients.

My colleagues and I at our nonprofit organization in Seattle are very satisfied with the WOWI assessment and the training workshops provided for staff. The WOWI advanced career compatibility features are very helpful, along with personality insights revealed by the results. We are also very pleased with the way WOWI staff is so accommodating to the accessibility needs of those people who are blind and visually impaired, even modifying specific web features to be user friendly to those relying on screenreading software. Kudos to WOWI for excellent flexibility and responsiveness.

Tony Jorgensen, Training Manager
Lighthouse for the Blind, WA

Inclusion of WOWI in our recruitment process not only helped us make some hugely successful recruitment decisions, making sure we have the right people motivated by the right roles and career paths; but our candidate feedback was how impressed they were with WOWI and that it gave them confidence that they were joining an organisation that took its recruitment seriously, and that they were committing to the right role.

Anne Buckingham, Business Manager
Sales interAction Limited, UK

I am constantly looking for comprehensive vocational assessments that not only provide good vocational information and feedback to those we serve, but that also fit in well with our agencies goals. WOWI has become a very useful and easy to use tool in our toolbox, and compares well with other test instruments we have used in the past. I very much appreciate that you are constantly streamlining your website and making the WOWI test administration process very user friendly. Rock On!

Paul L. Reamer, Voc Rehab Counselor III
Alaska Division of Voc Rehab, Wasilla, AK

I find the World of Work Inventory to be an outstanding tool for guiding dislocated workers in career choices. It is the only assessment tool I know of that combines measurement of training potentials, job satisfaction factors, and career interest areas in formats that are easy for the client to use and the counselor to interpret. It also provides valuable specific career options that are appropriate for the client or that can be used as a basis for further career research. I highly recommend it as an assessment and guidance tool.

Michael C. Miller, Career Counselor
Workforce Development, Inc., Austin, MN

WOWI is the best assessment I have used.

Christopher Cobian, Vocational Evaluator
Ameriworks, Inwood, WV

I have used the WOWI for 15 years. My vocational evaluations are professional opinions based on transferable skills, work history, personal interviews, record review and testing. I am looking for patterns and direction that I can recommend. The WOWI presents a picture that I can compare with all the additional information. My clients are impressed on how the WOWI fits with how they see themselves. Many times the WOWI generates new information that helps them to move in a different direction. The WOWI is a powerful test with very practical application to the real world.

Joseph Ortenzi, MA, CRC, President
Skills Enrichment Group, North Ridgeville, OH

I usually don't recommend an assessment unless I have personal experience with it. I personally took the WOWI and recommend it. It is easy to use and set-up.

Hea Salzman, Testing Specialist
College of Southern Nevada, Henderson, NV

Our clients think the WOWI results are amazing. It really makes them think. It is a good tool for people to use.

Pat Buxengard, Employee Consultant
Winona Workforce Center, Winona, MN