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RECENT NEWS: Read how new upgrades for WOWI® Career Assessment offer improved JAWS® interface for Blind and Visually Impaired individuals.

Start on the Road to Success with the Accurate WOWI® Career Assessment

How can you help someone determine which profession is most suitable to his or her unique personality, experience, and talents? WOWI® is the answer. WOWI® allows counselors, teachers, trainers, or human resource professionals to assist clients in thinking about themselves in relation to their total environment. This holistic, multidimensional career test will offer your clients the opportunity to expand their horizons by exploring occupational choices that are compatible with their interests, work styles, and skills.

How WOWI® Works

The WOWI® is comprised of three essential parts designed to measure the whole person in relation to his or her individual differences. These three sections include:

Once a client completes the WOWI®, he or she can establish realistic short and long term goals.

Why Choose WOWI®

The WOWI® profile was purposely created to encourage a planned program of personal career development over the course of one’s life. If you want to offer your clients this detailed, cost-effective career assessment, register today. The WOWI® will help plant your client’s feet on the road to career satisfaction and success.

The WOWI® was developed as a multi-purpose instrument, the results of which may be used for better:

Career decision-making | Career exploration | Education and training
Job placement | Personnel selection

WOWI®, Rehab and WIOA

The WOWI® will also help those in Rehabilitation Services, WIOA, school-to-work and other career placement programs.

WOWI® is used in:

Workforce and WIOA Programs   Military and Veterans Services
Rehabilitation Services   Educational institutions (Colleges and Universities)
Goodwill Industries   Apprenticeship Programs
Adult Education    

In local communities, WOWI® can benefit job seekers, laid off workers, youth, incumbent workers, new entrants to the workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities, and employers. WOWI® helps promote an increase in the employment, job retention, earnings, and occupational skills improvement by program participants. This, in turn, improves the quality of the workforce and improves the productivity and competitiveness of the nation.